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5 Ways to Make Moving Easier for Kids

Moving to a new house can stir up a lot of questions for a child.

In all honesty, we adults sometimes can’t handle all the changes and what-ifs that come our way. We sometimes forget how to see the world from a child’s perspective.

But, it’s worth the time it can take to answer each and every question your child throws at you. Like when they ask you if we are going to bring the kitchen cabinets to the new house. Or the dog. Or their bath toys.

I’m going to share with you the top 5 ways we made the move easier for our kids, and in return, on us too!

 1. Validate their worries
Listen to what they are concerned about, and let them know that it’s okay to feel that way. By giving them permission to share their feeling, and actually welcome the worries and fears, you unlock a lot of the stress they could be holding on to, and they can move past it.

 2. Let them help you pack
Give them a box to choose things from their room that they want to bring to the new house. Have them write their name on the box and decorate it however they want to. It will provide them with some control as they make decisions of what they’ll bring to their new room.

3. Give them uninterrupted time with you
I’ll admit that while getting our house ready to sell, my kids watched a lot of movies. But, when it was time for a break from cleaning, painting, or packing, I would give them my undivided attention. We would go for a bike ride, go to their favorite park, grab lunch and have a picnic, or even just sit down and enjoy a good book together. Our kids can tell when we’re stressed – when we give ourselves a break, it helps them too.

4. Take lots of pictures
You’ll have years worth of memories to look back on at the home you’re leaving. By taking pictures of your kids in their favorite places, you can give them something to bring with them to remember their old house. My kids spent countless hours playing in the front and back yard, and they love looking at pictures of themselves having fun. I hope that they will always have great memories of their first house, and it give my mama heart some closure too.

5. Keep your routine after the move
Their whole world just changed, and they are unsure what to expect. Try and keep your daily routine the same as it was before you moved. Fortunately, my kids didn’t have to change schools because we are a homeschooling family. But, unpacking while keeping our daily routine was a challenge! We still made it through, but that’s one thing I could have done better.

Moving is hard on everyone, but it also holds a lot of excitement and adventure!

Whether this is their first move, or they’ve moved multiple times, show them (and yourself) some grace.

And start making new memories!

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