Essential Oils

I love how these silly little bottles of oil have simplified my life!

I’m not running to the drugstore for every little thing anymore!! Our medicine cabinet is full of essential oils and, with the help of my oils guide book, I am prepared for pretty much whatever comes our way.

What can essential oils help you with?

Maybe you’ve heard of essential oils, or seen them in the supermarket, but do you know what they can do for your health?

doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world. They’re really passionate about helping families find natural solutions for their everyday lives. People seek out essential oils when they’re not getting the health results they want from what they’re trying, they’re tired of using chemical products for literally everything, they are looking for natural products but have no time or brain space to research it all, and they just need something super simple and effective. doTERRA offers a full line of essential oil kits to meet your family’s needs, whatever they may be.


Essential oils – what are they?

Essential oils are produced by plants in low amounts to serve a host of beneficial functions. Oils attract herbivores that help the plant reproduce; they also ward off unfriendly pests, fight off environmental threats, and even allow the plant to heal itself if physically injured. Oils can be found in the leaves, stems, flowers, peels, bark, resin or roots. If you’ve ever peeled an orange, smelled a rose, or rubbed basil leaves between your fingers, you’ve experience essential oils. These oils can be extracted by either cold press or steam distillation.

Why are doTERRA oils any different?

What sets doTERRA apart is that they are the most tested and trusted oils on the market. Nobody is sourcing their oils like doTERRA, and nobody is testing their oils like doTERRA. What do I mean when I say sourcing? doTERRA seeks out experienced farmers around the world who intimately know how to grow plants in their native environment. When plants are grown in optimal soil, temperature and climate, they produce a higher quality essential oil. doTERRA is partnering with farmers to bring them safer working conditions, a steady stream of income, clean water, schools for their children, and access to medical care.

This company is delivering the purest essential oils in the world, and they are literally changing the lives of the people who grow and harvest them. The oils are pure, potent and effective.

What kind of testing is done on essential oils?

Well, because there is no regulatory body for essential oils, not a lot. But it seems like every store you shop at has a shelf full of 100% pure essential oils, doesn’t it? Those labels actually mean nothing. Often there is real oil in those bottles you find that the grocery store/gas station, but it may be diluted down with fillers and artificial ingredients so much that they are ineffective and possibly harmful.

Thankfully, doTERRA saw this need, and took it upon themselves to have third party testing done that goes above and beyond what other companies are testing. doTERRA guarantees no fillers, no pesticides, and no unlabled dilution. You can be sure that what it says is in the bottle is actually what it is in the bottle. There is a code on the bottom of each oil that you can look up online to see the test results.

They also have amazing customer service with a 30 day guarantee on all their products: 100% return in product credit, or 90% back to your card.

What kits are available?

An enrollment kit will give you the most value, but you can also choose to order product individually. doTERRA customers get wholesale pricing (25% off) with a membership, and your order gets shipped right to your door.





You can also earn points every single month when you create an auto-ship order! Plus, you’ll have 24/7 access to an online community of essential oil users, so you can ask questions and get answers fast.

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